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Fight off COVID-19: Pack up your Vitamin D for strong immune system

The world is presently in the throes of the worst pandemic since influenza virus. Many speculations are milling around regarding what could have been done and what can we do. But the one fact we know of is strong immunity is our only saving grace to fight against this contagious virus. Words in world of advance science hints link between Vitamin D and strong immune system.

And COVID-19 is a severe acute respiratory syndrome. Many research findings have already insinuated about Vitamin D being crucial for prevention against respiratory infection and boosting the immune system response to infections.  With no discovery of vaccine against this disease, social distancing and proper self hygiene with strong built immune system are important measures one should take.

The fat soluble vitamin is well known to enhance the immune cells functioning that in turn, deliver protection against pathogen. There are proved reports of  people with vitamin D deficiency linking to poor lung functioning and body’s lesser ability to fight respiratory infection.

Head out to the article linked down below which lays out details of why proper supplementation of Vitamin D is important in our present predicament.


Woodberry’s products are more than just Vitamin d enhanced mushrooms; they are means to a healthy eating community.

 As someone once said, ’As our awareness grows, so we grow.’

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